Friday, March 25, 2011

Love the Comunity of WOW, and blander

Games claim to be the WOW killers, they often think they have better graffics, more engaging play and a new fresh skin.  But WOW has a community of web sites, bloggers, addons, tools that will not exist in other games till someone can make a profit for it by running the website or donations...  That will not soon exist in any game, its a community that built itself from the WOW phenomenon.  No game will soon topple WOW by my predictions because the community and availabilty of information can not soon be replaced.

(tons of other bloggers)
wowhead, thottbot, alakahzham, wowwiki (4 that all do the same thing, more or less)
API plethora of addons and developers, maintainers, translators, and those that will assume the maintenance when one steps out of the role.

the list could go on forever, the community is just HUGE!!!  and continues to ebb and flow.  That can not be replaced.  Then there is the in game community of old friends and its more than a console game.  As good as they are, they can not really compete w/ WOW because they have nothing on the social gaming crowd.  Only WOW has broke their own all time and first day and first month sales records... thats a lot of momentum.

I regularly contribute to the community now that I have amassed a knowledge base in the game, this blog, comments on others, and just in game community.  How to level professions, tips and tricks, how to make gold.  I had one guy that for 4 years had played as an engineer and did not know about extracting elements from clouds.  I, blathering on in vent about how I made my first 5K gold for epic flight as we exchanged stories about the subject I mentioned the  Zapthrottle mote extractor... He had no idea and went to get it in a couple hours.  Yeah, sholozar basin and hours of circles "zapping" clouds for eternal fires.  I made my first stake at that about 2 years into playing the game, and its been almost all uphill since then

Now I always have gold, I fell to under 400K because I decided to buy BOEs.  Against my nature but, raiding has not been so good to me.  I geared for heals, then when going for DPS all the spirit gear put me to 21.4% hit... It bothered me so I spent another twenty something thousand gold to get gear and gems enchants to get my hit down.  BTW it worked out nicely, I managed to get to 17.00%, and realize that no other gear combination will probably ever be able to do that again.

I love the commmunity, and its why I play WOW and only WOW.  I have to thank Cold specifically for the tidbit in his post about mass invites for the Guild.  Sorry guys, I would link em but not so good at all that yet.  Maybe I can go back and edit with links to this stuff.

Right now, I finnaly loaded up and started running Zero Auctions.  What a time saver.  I love the log, it gives me names of who under cut me... when I see one name repeatedly... OOHHHHH, ITS ON...  biggest problem in some markets is getting undercut below market value.

Auctionator is my prefered AH addon for miscelaneous AH action outside of what ZA does.  Lil Sparky's Workshop... can not say enough about how uselfull this can be.  but it is only as good as the date it gets, and right now auctionator data is not great.  I used to run auctioneer, but it was buggy for me and I could never get a full AH scan. The differnce that I am missing is the average cost that Auctioneer uses, vs. the snapshot low price that Auctionator uses. 

I also loved Advanced Trade Skill Window back in the day, but I has become buggy, like demanding more graphics and freezing the game.  Like many that play I have a bit of ADD tendencies and need to be doing something, when the game freezes, and I am sitting ther waiting.. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Tax season and if the wife and money allows i am looking to UG the PC to a SSHD and a new MB w/ better than the single core processor I am running. 

I play for fun, and I can say, having a lot of gold is fun.  Having lots of crafters is fun, it feels like it costs less when you make your own enchant scrolls and gear to twink out that new toon. 

Random thoughts on the twinking toons, I am so very much looking forward to the GXP changes from BGs.  I twink stamina on low level toons and often run around w/ double the HP of several toons on my team.  But balancing is ROUGH... hunters, are just killer, they should be number one on your kill priority, not the healers.. at low levels anyway....  I can not solo spam heal myself and live through a decent hunter that focuses me.  I would like to see some balancing for low level BGs.  If you dont have heirlooms your at a major disadvantage off the bat.  the cost to keep up enchants on replaced gear, gets costly fast.  I only keep 3 scrolls on my hunter rogue, 7 stam to boots and bracers and agi to gloves.  thats it... all pretty cheap to make relativly too.

Rambled on enough.. random thoughts and the power of the community.. a mountain to cross over that will take an amazing game to topple WOW, because that is one thing the designers and programmers can not "develop" at HQ...

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