Friday, March 25, 2011

To the point, and growing the project guild

Random thoughts distract me when reading blog.  I like a fast light read when reading others blogs (for the most part).  A message that passes on clearly and concisely an idea or thought and amplifies it with opinion and fun anecdotes or story.  There is no set length to the entry, it just needs for me to have a generous amount of those characteristics.

The point of this blog is to cronical a project guild and my personal gold making project from wow, as well as random thoughts that in my mind revolve around or relate to those things.

Right now, for the first, the project guild "commitment" is growing.  Membership and activity are fun to watch, some on actively and regularly, others, far from it.  Some are in and out in minutes, and others days, still others are out and have not logged in a long time.  I never expected dynamic or instant results.  I would like to get a little more momentum though.  Part of that will certainly be my own contributions to the guild by just questing and leveling up my own toons to contribute to the GXP.  Once the guild hits level 2, I expect things will get a little easier, as at least then there will be a perceived momentum greater than what is present currently at level 1.  I write this as I prioritize my own game time to accomplish the goals I have roughed out. 

The biggest things I have in front of me now (listed in no particular order):
Get my main to honored with that guild to get the heirloom rewards. 
Continue to increase the gold to ensure there is enough to pay out the incentive offered to the guild
Continue to raid with my main
Continue to grow the guild

None of these things are exclusive, they all go together, and mesh in a liquid fabric.  Each contributes to the overall game experience and my enjoyment of my principle RL hobby. 

Getting guild rep on my main I try to do mostly by raiding with the guild.  For my its far more pleasant to raid for GXP with the guild than it is to do dailys. So those 2 go together, though I think I may do a few to make sure I get the heirlooms sooner than later.
Increasing the gold in my coffers is just a daily effort, and concious process of how I do everything in the game.  Everything you do can probably be related to gold making activities in one way or the other.  Spending thousands of gold on twinking a toon on the way up to endgame, can be considered a cost, but it is also an oportunity.  I enjoy leveling much more doing it this way and it creats more gold making oportunities with more professions.
Lastly is the growing the guild part.  This is in many ways the most challenging.  It takes persistence and effort with often little to no return, however I do enjoy the little moments and lessons from the observations and experiences I get.  For me it is a worthwhile activity, and I enjoy the experience greatly.  For that reason I will persist.

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