Thursday, March 24, 2011

Long in between

I did not lose my tail in the DMC market but I definately made the wrong gamble.  Then I just got tired of looking at them.  I banked on the market going dry between DMFs.  I was wrong, and as I watched prices fall pretty steadily, I did not see supply go away. Then the new fair came, and I was only able to seel deck to recover costs and investments.  Oh well, lesson learned, now if only I knew what the lesson was.  I have leveled a couple toons far enough to have a bigger base of professions to work with.  Not all maxed to 85 and in Cata markets, just there is a a lot of small and slower nich markets on the way up you can play with.  Twink style enchants are great sellers, as well as any armor you can craft that is rare quality can usually be sold for a profit, excepting chest and shoulders due to BOAs.  A few other markets I am exploring with are in Primal might, and Formula: Runed Arcanite Rod.  Usually sells for 100G profit or more, just for using teleport moonglade on a druid, or leaving a toon parked there.  Daily I am looking for a couple more items to that look likely to have modest volume, strong profits and low competition, craft and set up Zero Auctions for the items.  It is howerver hard to deal in lower end markets.  Supply is hard to come by on some mats and prices are often all over the place.

It seems I have moved in on at least one persons market. I see there name in the Zero Auctions log repeatedly on my scrolls.  Now for the fun patience game, or see if the economy can handle both of us.  This is all Wrath and lower enchants, as the hunter is only level 70.  That is enough to go solo the whole of BRS for Large brilliant shards, but a bit slow to do.  It will speed up when I get enchanted myself with taking him out on a leveling spree.

lately the fancy has been in playing my twinkish druid healer, and rogue up.   Running around a BG with more than 2x the HP of some of the other players...  Stupid fun, completly stamina stacked, where I can, but then still have the Primary stats to go toe to toe with others and win... RAWR, or while healing instances, being able to out dps the dps...

the guild still seems to fluctuate a lot, a couple seem semi regular, and mass random invites once or twice a week.  It is still slow in growing, but i never expected it to be fast.  it is a long term project and I have fun with it.  The guild is not social, it is just a leveling guild.  we do almost nothing together, ever, not even use /g when we are on.  I guess it is sorta an anti-social guild.  people join for w/e reason, and stay for their own reasons too.  the incentives to stay are minmal, but it is something to maybe keep a few players around, and coming back to level.  It is still disappointing that blizzard has such a gap to the time it takes for low level toons to get GXP vs. higher level.  Getting GXP from BGs will be great, as I do a lot of BGs on the way up since they are just plain fun, and relatively speaking is not that expensive or hard to be twinked, i dont have BOE head or back, and consistently have the most HP of anyone on my teams. by 10% and more frequently.  Consequently, I found that I enjoy AB a lot more, but the xp from AB seems to be dismal compared to WSG... what a drag.

Why is it that people just dont seem to grasp the concepts of WSG... I wont rant, if you been there and know, you know.  If not, you to may be one of the bads or you may not BG.  I often do think player go there just to grief their own team... 

Thats all this time, random thoughts and rambling, like most of what passes between my ears.

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