Friday, March 25, 2011

Balance and Balance

Balance does not exist in game.  Often a close teeter may be shared by some aspects of the game, however there is never an equal.  When I was looking at the screenshot of a Paragon world first and there was I think 11 druids, balance was clearly not represented.  Currently, there are 2 balance things that bother me.  Lower level BGs and the Chasm between classes and contributions to the battle.  Hunters are Ohh PEE!!!  and others.  If you play in this environment you know, if you don't you don't know, and I suspect don't really care.  But really, when the disparity is so great, there is a clear and annoying danger to the game.  Not saying they need to balance the game around low level BGs, but some little things to bring classes closer to being in line would be nice.  I am talking often 300% differences, and more.

A second point would be the GXP and leveling process.  Low level toons do not contribute any significant amount at any significant speed to the leveling of a guild.  Rather discouraging that the guild is 10% of the way to level 2, and there has been a notable amount of activity.  The same amount of activity by players over level 70, would be somewhere between 3-10 times as much.  I feel its on me to level toons to get the GXP sometimes.  That means I need to level the hunter since he is closest to max and do it mostly by questing... ewww, but quest grinding is the only way to get a non raiding guild GXP. 

Frustrating, but I also understand the balance that Blizzard needs to keep in a for profit business organization.  Almost all players spend far more time AT 85 than getting TO 85...  If you ever wonder play the "/played" game with some friends and see what the numbers are...

Balance does not exist, it is only percieved or artificially manufactured.

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