Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog focus

Blog focus, life focus, game focus... its a thing I seem to miss a lot,  staying focused on a topic and carrying one thought from to begining to end is something I seem to fail at.  I tend to think of things as write or converse and just go off on a tangent without coming back to the orriginal subject, or even remembering what it was.  With writing its easier to go backwards and re-read what is writen, and circle back, edit, cut paste and flow.  I know this is something to work on, hence blogging, like many things, the communication takes practice to develope.  In time I hope to be able to clearly convey a message in few words and be happy with the message.  I like to write, as the audience is volutary, and you are not trying to hook an audience of warm bodies, your writing will apeal to some and not others.  The audience will be who wants be a part of it. 

So, as I continue to write, and continue to play WoW, I hope to learn more and get better at writing and communicating a directed message without rambling all over.  Though sometimes you just let it rip and spill random, disjointed thoughts.  The part I would like to most get over is my current need to plan, review, outline and edit in several steps.  With practice I hope to be able to sit down with an idea, and write to the subject with out all the middle steps.  This blog has seen many edits and deletions for what I percieved as failures or lacking in clarity or direction.  But in doing that I have also deleted or edited the track record to review at a later date and see my own progress.  I guess it all come back to Focus, and KISS (Keep It Simple Silly).  The lessons go far beyond the game, and will certainly aid in my communication with my wife, and kids first, and extend beyond to business personal like in every way.  Like making gold in game, there does not seem to be any trick to doing it, practice, experiment, and try... try again.  Now this is on record in the blog and it is my own "journal" entry to review over and again later. 

There I think I did it.  Focus on the subject with little deviation.

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