Monday, March 28, 2011

Commitment to...

Commitment... it's almost a rare thing at any significant level.

AH players...  Guild members.... Raiders... PVP teams... Gamers in general... 

If you play long enough you find precious little in the way of commitment.  If you can stay commited, to anything in the game for any length of time you are a rare gem.  I know, of late I personnaly have not stayed commited to much...

Things I have moved away from:
-My main:  the guild I was a part of was racked through the coals and crumbled when the GM just quit...  That lead to about a 2 month break from raiding.
-Raiding: See above.  There is an endless chase for things people want and can have, but dont really want to work for in the game.  Joining that circle can be pretty draining when your not enjoying it.
-PVP:  It was just not fun for me, just the raiding grind all over again
-Hunter Alt: got tired of leveling him, now he is the enchanter banking toon... I will be back
-Druid Alt:  Was originally part of a bigger plan in the orriginal guild mentioned above..  I will be back
-Warlock Alt: got sidetracked with another Alt, I will be back
-DMC business:  The profits were huge, the time invested was too.  It was early in the expansion so it was good, but the time to make items did not change and really the percent profits did not either, but the bottom line did as mats fell in price... it can be a rough nich market, I made a gamble and was only able to almost recover my investment.  So, I ducked out to play at something different, or many other things.

How does this apply to gold makers and guilds.   There are many who are loyal to guilds and the efforts they persue as a group, however, there are many instances where in almost all guild a gap is created in the group due to a new baby, graduation, summer/winter breaks, new job, new shedule, special events etc.  New players join the fray and often guilds are a revolving door to them, roll in gear up and learn with the patient and kind players, then move on to the next best thing.  The same events create new markets all the time in the AH too.  Slow and steady and diversified....  There is no secret to making gold on the AH, there are tricks and little know ways to improve the game, but in the end, commitment to a market may not net you high return at the moment, but in time the market will shift and the total returns will be better than always trying to make it in a nich market that is the current hotness...  When asked how I made the pile of gold I have, I have no fear of telling them...  I know they will not commit to the same level of effort and invest the time to create the business.

All of this just keeps the game fun, changing it up so it does not become a job.  Alts do that for me and the time in the AH provides a steady income to support my expensive leveling habits.  What I have commited to for the time is the project guild, and a new raiding guild with my main, as well as continuing to go for the 1M gold.  The rest, is just other ways to pass the time.  How do you pass your "extra" time in game?

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