Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DMC musings

GAHH, the number of apparent players in the DMC market seems to have gone up and the number of those players willing to cut their profits by so much is frightening.  The next 2 weeks will be scary as I continue to monitor card, deck and trinket prices.  In the second week following the fair is when I expect the heavy and active undercutters to have sold out, and moved on to something else after getting their quick profits.  It is my hope and expectation that prices will rise again at that point. 

For instance, the prices dropped on one of the trinkets by 30% overnight, others by 10 and 20%, and then the masses just continue to undercut that new lower price, fixing it there till those good sell out.  I prefer to wait and get more per sale and let the quick sales sell out.   This is not a viable option in many markets.  However, it was viable and hugely profitable last month for the DMC market.  Plus it means I have less time to spend for the same returns.  Like I stated before the drain of milling and making inks took its toll.  Its been a week since I milled more than a couple herbs.

All the same even at markets where they currently are, I stand to walk away with close to 800K.   If the hold out and patience plan works that number could be 1M, or higher. 

Also looking over the names of the players in the market selling DMCs, I dont see some that I expected, so I think there may be others playing at my patience game... not surprising.  The server population is high, and horde biased to an extreme.  Its not surprising that I may not be the only one in town with this game.

All this gives me an idea.  I think I will update my spreadsheet to show current market sales value of all the trinkets I have.  Should be quick and easy to make the change. 

There is the bonus that the DMCs volcano and tsunami are BiS for several.. not sure that ther is a better one healers than Tsunami.  Though there are good ones.  Still hope prices hold out and then people dont refuse to pay the higher prices for a trinket later after the fair is out of town and supplies are more limited.

Thats all for now

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