Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Level 85 to ilvl 364 in under a week was 13%

I figure 13%...  an estimate of what impact the 65K I dropped into gear after hitting lvl 85 on my druid.  42K was the BOE AGI staff from FL trash.  Another 15K was BOE valor bracers... the rest was small misc stuff on smaller scales and item enhancements.

The great thing is that I KNOW... I could go make that money back in pretty short order.  The JC market should have a lot less risk with lower gem vendor prices.. making it less risk on AH listing fees... thats the great thing about glyphs and enchant scrolls... its cheap AH fees...  Now Gems should fit in that risk matrix to a closer degree... your not losing as much for failed auctions anyway.  The new druid is a JC, but only gettin started w/ the JC tokens to buy recipies...  so it will be a while before I could attempt any large scale market entry.  3 level 85 toons, I now have the Ore shuffle covered. xmute alchy, JC, enchanter... just burned out on the daily grind and effort to get into those markets.  I need to get my excess chant mat inventorys to fit in my banks first... and not have to use the mail for storage... I almost lost stacks and stack of stuff in the mail as when I cleared out some stuff I just did not care to mess with for almost a month.. The items had 4 hours left... gahhh...  but I got it all into bank storage... it was good.

Gotta say, on the raid front... Ragnaros is a tough fight...  the coordiantion on the transision phases is where we had the most problem.  The other things were more like, just practice to learn the dance steps...

Tonight I will lead a group into FL for a Beth'tilac and Shannox attempt... one, the other or both...  Should be fun if everyone actually shows and takes it serious...  Or at least already have been serious and gone to see videos...

Thanks for dropping in.. till next time

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