Thursday, July 21, 2011

Making an effort to stay around a half million

I have so much in mats that I could just go liquidate all of my stuff and prolly make 50 to 100K plus.  I litterally just stopped playing the AH.  It got boring and was no longer fun.  I felt I had little more to learn and little more to gain... what more can you do... A half million will get you anything you want in most cases.... anything gold can buy.. and I dont want a spectral tiger that much or the motorcycle or vial of sands etc etc etc... or the hundreds of pets... just not chasing those or really any achievement anymore...  just the ones I get by doing the current raid zone and supports the goals of the raid group... 

But, spending 65k to get my druid raid ready, that put me on under the 500K mark by a tad, and I ensure none of the raiders have to buy mats out of there limited funds to raid... flasks/cauldrons and food/feasts at least... gear enhancements are on them to personally or cooperativly with guild maintain.

Now as the new vendors open up.. there is a higher and increasing demand for truegold and hardened elementium... time is money friend so the daily burning and saving of my true gold has me at around 125 truegold w/ a market value of around 700+ gold.  the druid is a miner so a simple afk crafting of hardened elementium... those should be able to sell at higher volumes now than recent history and will be my only market focus to recover and recoup my gold... as well as selling or raid BOEs that are not main spec UGs to continue to fund the raiding... so far most of the mats for feasts and cauldrons have been bought by me... now that we are in and getting drops and such... we can rack up the community gold values to fund that and i can keep my gold...  In a way the gold was always to raid... so I like to be able to provide the feasts and cauldrons or mats for them for the raid group...  It helps my sense of OCD that the buffs from flasks and food are not so much for one player, but when multiplied by 10.. all raiders, that 3,000 of primary stats on the raid from flasks, and its 900 more (str, agi, int) from feasts... 90 of a stat sounds like not much.. however 900... what would you do for 900 more of your favorite stat on your gear... well team play.... 

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