Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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My last post was an evaluation of personal goals and where they have shifted to, and my progress on them if I have indeed maintained the goal.

Mostly it revoled around preps for Pandaland release.

My single most flexible goald is currently which toons to level first and fastest, as well as what grinds for rep and such to start first etc.

leveling 1-90 a new Monk is likely not realistic given my robust plans to invest a lot of time in gold making.

First I called, and called, and called again, then called the next day a few more time to finally get in the Account services que w/ Blizz.  They were able to merge my to active wow accounts and put them under one account since I created the second one for my kids, it is in the same last name, and same billing address, as well as all the the personal questions I was able to give them the correct answers too for verification purposes.  As far as security goes, they seem to do a really good job.

What that did is get my new 7 bank alts on an account with an authenticator... So getting them going with more bags and storage stuff, good to go.  Most now have the 11 bags of the biggest size set up.  I went with the smaller 20 slot vendor Jewel bags for now, since the 36 slot ones are pretty spendy.  And leveling tailoring, I will just wait to get the cloth guy set up with more bags till I actually can make my own.

Gentle leveling efforts on the tailor engineer and the farmer toon Miner/herber continue, with a recent push on the professions for the tailor engineer.

The second thing the account merge did is get me 20 toons that on 2 accounts that can instant mail each other.  Before I had a 1 hour wait for mail between accounts unless they were in the same guild with the guild perk.

The last thing it did is give me access to my mountain of heirlooms on the second account.  It has been noticably slower leveling with out that 35% xp from the heirlooms or the trinkets/weapons on the farmer toon.

So, I got a new bug in my bum, and finally logged on, updated and got into the Beta... Made a couple premade toons, rather than copying a toon over.. and it has been good.  I have spent most of my time on a monk.  Okay, all of it except taking the quest on a druid to get to level 86... I leveled a new monk to level 5 or 6, that was fun and I will finish that up some time.  But most of my time has been going through most of the available leveling quests in the zones, valley of four winds, karasong wilds, kun lai summit, towlong woods.  Probably misspelled that.  I can say for me the monk is a blast.  I has been like when I went from wrath Pally tank to wrath Warrior tank.  As a pally tank I had the 9-6-9 rotation and a few other CDs for a total of like 9-12 abilitys to use routinely, with a core group of abilities in a rotation being like 5 abilities.  Then the warrior had like. 18-20 abilities to use, and more like 8-10 abilities in a core rotation... abilities that stacked and and buffed and played together and off of each other...  I fell in love with the active playstyle of warrior tanking.  The demand for active tracking self buffs and debuffs and cool downs and on the debuffs and times and rage and stuff on the target too... It was just soo much more inter-active and I loved it.  Later I found I really like the rogue resource tracking, and combo points and management of buffs and debuffs and such, timers on SnD, Rupture, energy, CPs, CDs line it all up and AWESOME.

 Now the Monk has brought that back both of them in one with some exciting changes and interaction and play... From what I did, which is level windwalker DPS from 86 to 89, I found that the DPS spec is reasonably simple to pull off decently though to maximize it will be a new challenge of managing resources, CDs, self buffs and such... its going to be cool.. there will be a lot of good/average windwalkers and a very elite few that do amazing.  At 89 I switched to Brewmaster (tank) and really struggled on my own to figure out what my prioritys are.  I did no reading out of game just  the tool tips ands such... Also with out addons its even tougher.  Tanking, is going to have an even bigger delta... there are going to be a lot of average to poor tanks and some really really bad ones, and then there are going to be the amazingly good ones... Like I mean they in the good controls of good players going to get the class/spec nerfed, and further amplify the problems with the average to poor remainders... You goin in with leather armor and a flat 25% dmg reduction.  So you go in pretty squishy, then buff yourself for an additional 20% parry, and often buff yourself for another 30% dodge, but not sustainable, its like a mini CD, then all the dmg does not hit you right off w/ stagger, you only take 70% now and stagger the remaing 30%, buffed by mastery over the next 10 second, then you got DPS moved that buff a potentially big self bubble, and self heals buffed by that bubble and then dmg CDs and then Raid CDs and the ox statue that does stuff and more stuff and OMG I am loving how much you can do... And its good... that was most of last weekend... leveling on the Beta... I like monks...

I will likely level and raid one on live and it may even become my main. 

... Good hunting in the gold mine...

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