Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maybe you can guess why FBE!!

FBE = Femal Blood Elf
I made 7 of them, different classes for w/e reason.  I have a second account that is "my wifes" that she never plays.  So this is not an option for everyone.  But it was the begining of action, rebounding from my thoughts I put out in my last post. 

So with seven new bank alts out in eversong woods, the question was next where to home base them.  For now its Dalarn.  I dual boxed my main account and summoned 4 of them straight out of ESW to dalaran.  2 hour cooldown left me waiting to get the other 3 move into my new business hub.  I chose Dal because I like the City.  Cowtown in Org is likely more efficient, but mehh... The next steps are in progress.  It takes about 115 gold to get all 7 bank tabs of the toons personal bank.  So getting each one that starting capitol is foremost.  I got a crafter for 11 each of the LW crafted scribe satchels and Mining satchels.  36 slots each.  boom...  Off to  a good start. I have an LW that I was going to do the Molten front dailies on myself, but ughhh... I just spammed trade for a couple minutes and got a nice reaction from the crafter when I tipped them 1500 gold for the 22 bags they made.  They said they were expecting like "10 gold".  I said its for doing the dailies.  Molten front dailies are still a really mean grinde... really mean.  1500 gold tip... ehh

 I cleaned out the AH of the 3 listed 36 slot chanting bags and will watch and finish getting the other 8 or those I want for this enterprise as well as the others.   Thats where I got to on bags, so more summoning and trading starter cash for those guys, and finish getting the bags all lined up.  Hmmm, just thinking, there is no "tailor" profession bags.  Grrr.  Thats going to be expensive for the 26 slot regular bags.

Also I came up with fun names for the girls... The cloth storage toon is a mage "dressmeup", the others have fun names, I forget some at the moment, but was surprised that my ink storage toon got the name "Tatoo".  "Orewhat" for the Ore bank... "Skinsrshirts" for the leather banker, "Flowersforme" the herb bank.  Why all this? because it amuses me and I hope to make a lot of gold... The next considerations will be to figure out if I want to start guild banks on each one, it will be a pretty big time investment to get the 7 guild charters signed, but not too expensive for the first couple g-bank tabs.  its the last couple that the gold valuation has to come in.  But the simplicity of having a banker toon for each main type of material?  good to go, well worth it for the ease of finding stuff.  And not too bad for relisting stuff on the AH.  I guess with leather, ore, herbs, cloth, ink, jems, chanting mats all on separate toons the only thing I could still benefit from would be a place for elementals? and pets? if I was to get into those markets again.  However, I think I will keep those going into my current banks.

Simplicity and organization are key with the use of addons, records and spreadsheets to making lots of gold sometimes.  Being able to find your goods to sell and still list them for good profits even when addons go broke in the days following patches.  These toons are the "find stuff" part, and Spreadsheets will have the prices of goods listed that I bought at to look for good spikes in demand/price to sell them off at.  Nominally, I am hoping to sell things at a 100% markup... or double my money... I could lose a lot by unloading my goods to early at that profit margin, but to wait and gamble could also mean I miss the wave of  demand/price spike before the market reacts and people start flooding the market...  AOE looting is going to impact this... some things are going to be much easier to farm and so the prices will not hold.  the limit will be the size of storage bags.  Example in particular, is I would expect most types of cloth to only see a brief spike in price as the instance one pull -> AOE loot -> run out -> reset -> repeat will become popular for a lot of cloth.  Probably the less valuable of all comodities in time.  However bolts take time to craft, so cloth to bolts could become a "time is money" strategy to making gold. 

Good luck, and good hunting

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