Friday, June 22, 2012

WOW time slips through your fingers like sand

Okay, anyone else feeling that gut punch asking, "Will you be ready for MOP?"

I kinda got it in the last couple days, that swift kick in the attention getter that begs the question, "Am I ready? Am I going to be ready?"

The catalyst is the announcement that Beta Raid testing is comming up, and I have not been on, and I have not leveled a toon and I want to got check out the new raid, get some first hand idea of whats up.  That even just put it in place how far away MOP could be.  And how I am spending time and what productive thing have fallen to the wayside in favor of other interests. 

I am not way behind, but here are the things I am set out to do, and where I am with getting set up.
-Level a tailor engineer bank alt - gone from in the 40s to 68 atm and power leveling profs for NR.
-Level a farmer on a second account - going well, and in the mid 70s, but stopped since that account is not on an authenticator, and because it is not UG'd to Cata.
-Learn to use TSM.  Have not even started this task... who knows, maybe TSM goes away in MOP and is replaced.  Since I am not running markets, its a mixed bag
-Continue raiding - This goes well, My main is RL in a 5 hrs/week group. tues and thurs for 2 1/2 hours each,  Semi casual, and we just knocked off our 5th HM, now its into the painful run on the last 3...
-I still have 5 DS HM capable toons and run in pug or am the RL running pugs a couple times a week...

Things I added in:
-Doing dailies in TB for various reason, #1 being the trinket "Mirror of broken images"  Its still very useful for the lightning phase on hagara, and potentially on Warmaster too..
-Running most of the toons in Kara for the mount... its just a short fligh really, but it does take time
-Running the fishing contests - I won the Booty Bay contest last weekend BTW...
-Making more bank alts - I made a post on those girls, 7 level one blood elfs all got ported to Dal for a base of operations.  A couple got set up with 11 starter profession bags... some still need bags to get a boost, and each of them could certainly stand to get a guild bank tab or 2 going, though they are also on the non authenticator account, so I am being a little slow about setting that up too much.
-Lastly a growing urge to spend some time in the Beta and be more familiar with some parts and mechanics before it actually releases...

The remaining things to do, and the question of do I have enough time to do it all?
- Merge battle net accounts if I can and get an authenticator or the second if need be
- Level the farmer, Taruren druid miner/herber to 85
- Level the tailor engineer and the professions
- Finish setting up the bank alt and guild banks and such so things are more organized for future use... Or in some cases abuse
- Play and level on the beta to raid and be familiar with the heroic dugeons
- Continue raiding with the main group and couple times a week on the alts...
- Build good stockpiles for MOP

It just seems as my attention is spread out more and more, sometimes, I question rather or not I will get it all done and build the stocks and such and be ready in a way I will be happy with for MOP... time will tell, but at least now, having thought through it, I am pretty sure I have a much clearer way forward on how to get it mostly done.

Have a great weekend


  1. TSM is getting lots of love from developer, I don't think that sapu94 will abandon this project before Mist of Pandaria. Give it a try, this is very friendly addon, it saves a lot time for me.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I used zero auctions before 4.3, then I sold out manually and left the market. I definitely want to get something going on again, and the barrier to entry is just s lot of time to get started, familiar, and initial set up.

      Thanks again though.