Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crafting profesions. How to set priority for MOP... Part FOUR Gathering

Crafting profesions. How to set priority for MOP... Part FOUR Gathering

Our last post I discussed my thoughts for Inscription, and prior to that Enchanting and Jewelcrafting.

Those 3 professions have the power and sustainability for the upcoming expansion.  They are the 3 overall strongest professions for the AH baron.   However, they are not the only professions available to players... and not everyone may have those professions on the toon they wish to level first...

So, the remaining professions fall into 2 categories, gathering and the other crafting profs...

Mining would be the strongest here, though preference and availability, each of the others could be leveraged to great results.  But overall I rate them all closely enough that they are in one category.

Mining Pros:
  1. Source material for 3 profession, engineering, blacksmithing and jewelcrafting. 
  2. It is a pseudo crafting profession with the ability to make ore into bars. 
  3. always in style, it will always make you gold, though less and less for the time invested as the x-pac moves forward
  4. explosive profit potential early e-pac
  5. SIMPLE... this is a time is money... 
  6. Great way to get capitol, or keep capitol for future investments/purchases
  7. XP from mining while leveling
  8. Simple, Gather > Post > Collect gold, no need to do in depth market anaylsis (read  last comment below) 
  9. Something to do while waiting for a raid to form...
Mining Cons:
  1. TIME IS MONEY... its a great bang and fizzle... 
  2. If you hate farming... well, yeah, you hate mining
  3. Leveling speed distraction (got get the yellow dot, then get in combat for some ore and XP slows your leveling down.)
  4. Profession bonus is no good unless you are PVPing or tanking IMO.
  5. To maximize profits, requires careful and tedious market watching, analysis and holding inventory for max volume/price times on the AH.
Herbing and skinning:

Same as mining with the almost obvious differences.  Like the number of professions it is source to, and neither have the ability to do anything like craft bars... LW has the bonus of getting scales and leather...
Herbing will be strong, really strong with the coming glyphmas expected, and the value and demand for DMC trinkets... Here herbing is likely to be a bit stronger...

Really the best thing you can do here is just go with the one you have, or plan to level and leverage it for the best results by watching you posting times and volume based on server demand and player activities levels.  The first week or so, up to the first month, you will likely be able to sell everything you can gather.  Pricing is the trick.  Too high and people will not buy  it.  On my server, I would guess that about 250-350 gold will be the most per stack that would be marketable. 

Your best bet is use acutioneer to post, and rarely undercut the lowest prices... look for the "wall" and post under that.   A wall is the guy posting 20+ stacks (variable on server) and you want to often post under that price.  If it sells in less than an hour, you went too low on price.  Basically, take a minute to look at the market and don't blindly undercut the lowest price there... if you find you get better prices on the weekend, hold your mats till then.  Though in the first week or so, all bets are  off... just post at high prices for 12 hours and eat the deposit costs on  a few to get a sense of the market.

till next time. 

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