Friday, April 6, 2012

What are you doing to prepare for MOP? We just don't know much atm...

I am still working to level 2 new 85s... one to be a tailor engineer, 2 professions not covered, and one to be a miner/herber druid type... both are still in vanila zones though moving close to the outlands soon, and most of my time has been on the druid farmer... I think the farmer will be a far more profitable toon than a tailor engineer.  Still watching for some of the good stuff to see how various professions will be implemented... That will be some key data on how to stockpile some of the Cata mats right now guides are built on the "reach 525" basis... however, if you only have to go to 500 to get new MOP paterns recipes etc... ... though cata will be one of my lower priorities to stock, I just suspect that there will be large stocks in the market from people that wait till the last minute to try and dump after MOP release.

I guess a couple things to consider... buying the wrath epic gems for the leveling gear... they can be used in the early 60s or even late 50s... and in rare cases lower with the relics on DKs, Druids, Shaman and Paladins... though will those classes even still have a relic?  I know of some major changes to weapon slots for some classes are coming, like wands are main hand for casters, bows will be main hand for hunter etc... so overall, is ther just 2 slots at the bottom of the character screen? not sure... I am guessing wand/offhand for clothies, but what about paladins? mace shield? and no relic? 

So level the toons, level the profession, and not take anything to serious... Keep having fun and watching certain things that will have a massive demand spike.. and be under supplied... things that are low in supply now... at least low in supply compared to the demand to power level the profs.. spoke to this in some past posts and I am still working on the spreadsheet... leveling the 2 two toons will have some focused efforts durring the process.. 55-58 will be largely grining the N.W. corner of silithus... essence of air is allways low supply and high demand and high value... and in my experience it is the best place to farm it... elemental plateau in Nagrand about 65-66 will get a lot of attention while leveling... motes of air, high demand, low supply for the primal might market which is still alive for the enchanting rods need it and the primal air is still used in some enchanting recipies that are popular in the twinkish crowds... or power leveling people...

Okay, so I would end up with time better spent just power leveling the toons to 85 and then going back to level profession and taking a geared main out to silitus or the elemental plateau, but its more fun leveling IMO.. it get to see my scrolling text show "xxx XP" and money in the bags.. instead of just mindless GRINDING on a toon that just runs, one shots, kill and collects loot... effective, but wears out pretty quick...

There are still a lot of various blogs and articles on various strategys of how to really capitolize on the opening week(s) or month(s) of MOP...  I guess my overall goal would be to double my money invested at least... some things will be bang, and some things will be bust, there are no guarantees, and you can not really expect to make big gold piles in just one market in most cases... there is one market though that I think will be a big money maker... IF.. you have lots of gold.. you are willing to spend a lot of time... you can watch markets close... you can run the numbers for profit only... you dont have too much competion... DMCs...  If there is a new entry level DMC like there was in early Cata that are A) purple B) in the top 3 BIS C) they are again BOE... suplemented with relics and glyphs... that, could be a one shot ticket to big money... but saddle your self up for a LOT of time in the AH, buying herbs followed by a lot of time at the mailbox collecting purchases, followed by a lot of time milling, then a good bit more time turning pigments into inks, followed by more time crafting the cards, to finaly have a bunch of cards that wont make a deck and then eventually you have a trinket that will sell for 100K? maybe? 

Jems... limited by tokens for cuts
BS... limited by the number of BS and the amount of time it would take to make an item limeted to classes and specs
LW... same as BS
Tailor... same as above
Engineer.... who knows...
Enchanter... this would be the second best profession IMO...
Inscription... best crafting profession
Alchemy... likely too much competition
Herbing... best gathering profession
Mining... also, best gathering profession
Skinning... great, but not sure it will have the stay power of minin and herbing.

Who to cater too.. the week one raiders... they will be spending alot of gold to level their professions to get the new profession bonuses... and need more gear to flex the e-peen and fix their raid spot...

Any crafted gear that has an Ilvl above the minimum needed to get into heroics.. WIN!!!

See how much we just dont know yet?

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