Thursday, April 12, 2012

Posting evolution on the blog... SIMPLIFY!!!

I tend to get going on something I am writing and it promotes more ideas and such...

I share the ideas in blog format because its fun to watch subscribers, and the number of hits as well as get some comments and feedback.

Though mostly I decided to do it for 2 personal reasons, develope my communication skills and to have a way to do that where I spend some small amount of time in  a slower than the gears of my brain format...

At this point, I have decided I ramble in my posts... I just feel like I dont make a point > support that point and close... rather I think I attempt and fail to make multiple concurrent point, and weave the support for each one together in a muddy mess... It succeded in the personal goal, thinking out things for my own reasons, however, I ramble in conversations and often forget the original point...

In the end, I hope to deliver a cleaner, shorter and easier to read set of posts... I will have to see how that goes and would love your feedback, critical, positive or otherwise...


  1. I love your blog and I read every single post with much pleasure.

    That being said, the grammar nazi in me says you would probably do well of letting go of most of the ellipses you use... Try to substitute them other forms of punctuations; they would give your posts a much bigger readability IMHO. :)

    1. Sorry, I had not read the newest post yet... You already did what I suggested. XD

      Keep up the good work!

      Once again, I love your blog. :D

    2. Thank you for the feedback and opinion all around... <--- there it is... an ellipse? is that what this ---> is called??? its tied to my though paterns, it has to do with my rambling thoughts... Like I have more to say and am totally not sure what that should be... like a fill in the blank... interpret it yourself.... read between the lines... and something I am working to get away from... Time will tell and you all get a shot to tell me if i am failing on my regular posts at not making meaningles ramblings

      Thank you again, now I know it is an ellipse, and will work to clear them out of my posts in the future...