Monday, April 16, 2012

More food for though for MOP planning

My interpretaion now of the PVP crafted gear market is... so so, its viable and the current means of blue crafted gear being good entry level gear for starting PVP is great. 

Couple thought on things to watch for how to hedge your markets and bets for MOP.

They have said they are trying to bring about a resurgence of PVP in MOP and gas up the old Horde vs. Alliance battle.  If that takes place, it is likely that you will see a lot more players dabling at PVP and this could be a big generator of sales.  It could possibly make what are now marginally good markets into awesome markets.  Just watch how this plays out and be ready to react to info, and trends in MOP.  There is not a lot of plays you can make now, since most of the gear will require the new mats, just a market to consider watching more closely.

It could also swing the otherway.  With the changes to PVP, and the attempt by devs to make the entry level PVP game more new player friendly... the Crafted PVP gear may not be as valuable or necessary and the market could be complete fizzle... or it will be more viable to just go farm the honor gear up rather than purchase the crafted gear and such...

Just saying, it could be a bang, and it could be a bust...

But it is something to watch. 

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