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Crafting profesions. How to set priority for MOP... Part FIVE

I have been out for a bit, I had a funeral out of town and was away for a week, the stuff to do befor leaving the house and office and then the stuff after...  Well priorities are just that.

Dont worry, there is still lots of time to plan and collect your strategy for your own MOP gold rush.

Also, ALL professions can be leveraged to make gold.  Some just have more potential than other to capitalize on 2 thing that make gold.  Profit per sale, and potential sales/day or sales/post cycle.

This is nearing the end of a review for some estimation of the potential of various professions.  But I have one more post clearly outlined in the muddy waters of my brain

Anyway, on with the post.  I attempt to make some sense of the MOP gold rush potential for Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing.  Each is similar and many points apply to all, so lets look at this category.

Bags, cloth armor, caster leg enchants, and potentially craft to DE for profit/mats for enchanting.
Cloth armor serves 3 classes and 9 specs that can really be looked at in two categories.  Spirt or no spirit (healer gear vs. DPS gear)  This equates to about 4 pieces of gear for 8 different slots.
1. Spirit PVE 2. Caster PVE 3. Spirit PVP 4. Caster PVP
1. Head 2. Shoulders 3. Chest 4. Waist 5. Pants 6. Boots 7. Wrists 8. Hands
Now add in blue, green, epic gear and it gets to be a pretty long list, and the crafted items dont stack.  So usually it is IMO best managed as a reactive/responsive profession and holding stocks of materials to craft what needs posted, rather than precrafted mats.
Bags, well IMO there are enough other posts out there that you can easily find pleanty of resources on how to get into this market.  The only point here is that early MOP, there will be a lot of new pandas and monks that want bags.  There will be a lot of market potential if you have piles of cloth bolts laying around ready to meet that demand.
Finally, you have the spellthreads to enhance legs for casters.  historically there have been 2 or 3 of these, the healer variety, the caster variety, and sometimes a PVP variety, as well as a rare quality and an epic quality.  They are always in demand, and they are the one real consumable a tailor can market across an entire expac.

Our second profession is leatherworking.  It serves now 5 classes, and 2 armor types for 2 armor classes for the same 8 armor slots.  1. Monks 2. Rogues 3. Druids 4. Shaman 5. Hunters, 1. Agility Gear 2. Intelect gear, 1. Leather and 2. chainmail... and you also get all that for the PVP gear too...
As well as some profession bags
And leg armor for all of the other non caster classes (Tanks, MDPS and hunters).  Again the leg armor is likely to have a rare and epic variety, a tank and dps variety of each and then the PVP options.  A quick tally tells me that is 19 of the 34 specs in MOP compared to the 15 specs tailoring serves.  This is likely to remain a good profession, but dependingon how monks choose their professions, it could become saturated as players level and attempt to make gold with their new toon.

Blacksmithing: 3 armor types, healer, dps and tank, and WEAPONS! 
Weapons are blacksmithings shining star along with the belt buckles.  Weapons are the largest and most important UG players can get on an ilvl for ilvl slot for slot comparison and potential performance.  Weapons are the most sough after UG IMO, witha close second being trinkets and that one drop that wont drop.  (like my 346 ilvl blue JP helm when I was a 385 ilvl equiped... I just could not get a drop, but eventually got a 397.  That was the most important UG in my head at the time, because it was BLUE!!!)
So we have warrior, Deathknights and Paladins that all have a tanking and DPS spec(s) and then the plate caster gear for holy paladins. 

Each has lots of potential for lots of sales with the sheer number of craftable pieces you could potentially sell across the field of markets, PVP, healers, DPS, tanks and the belt buckles...

So why is this the lowest and next to last professions group I put up.   Well, IMO, I has shown the least volume potential and speed of sales.   It is a large inventory management concern to precraft armor since each piece takes up one bank slot, unlike the other crafting professions.  So, If I was to get into any of the markets seriously, I would start with a cancel/collect mail post cycle, followed by a review of sales or inventory to identify what needs crafted, complete a crafting que, and then post again. It just requires a lot more time to do that compared to say gems, where you can just post from precrafted stock and walk away when your short on time.  Ignore the cancel step, ignore the collect mail step, ignore the crafting que and final posting steps...  

There are pros and cons to each profession. There are viable markets in each profession...  Dont think that if the character you plan to level up first has one of todays proffessions you are in dump for potential profits.  It is just that in my opinion, for large scale massive operations in the gold rush, these would be my last picks.

There are a couple other factors that should greatly impact your strategy in marketing good from these categories. 
FOTM, Legendaries, class representation in the game.  For instance, Rogues have traditionally been one of the least represented classes in raiding, untill Dragon soul came out, now they are clearly the MOST represented.  FOTM is the Flavor Of The Month.  At one time in BC it was the Mortal Strike warrior, Druid Healer in PVP... In early wrath the new DKs when played well were OP in all specs, as well as the Wrath release BM hunters...  World first, server first contenders should be looked at and how they impact class stacking and more FOTM presses, or others... Knowing that a mistweaver and resto druid are the most valued healers to have in a raid could mean make more healing PVE leather, NOW BEFORE THEY GET NERFED...

Powerful and diverse professions, each and every one, just not my cup of tea and they do not fit well in my market strategies except


They can all be precrafted, they all stack, and they are all consumable with recuring demand...

Good luck, and remember there is still pleanty of time, and pleanty of information to become available in the comming months.

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