Monday, May 7, 2012

What are you up to?

What are you doing these days?  Are you still listing large volumes of goods in the AH, or are you waiting and preparing for the next big gold rush?  I have gone into stockpile mode.  There are few things I am still putting up in the AH.   Those things I do list are just cleaning out stocks, and organizing and preparing for MOP as well as keeping up with current raid content.  I have 5 raid ready and capable characters to take to Dragon Soul.  So that has the potential of keeping my schedule full by itself.  Most I do not bother with running in LFR anymore, it is often more frustrating than it’s worth.  I continue to go back to some characters I have ambitions to level up to cap before MOP, though rather that happens or not, I don’t know. 
I guess right now a question that is burning in my mind is what is the best number of characters to maintain?  The answer and justification in my case will differ from almost everyone else answer.  I struggle to stay interested in any one character for a long time.  So that makes the number of characters pretty high.  On the other hand, 5 raiding toons?  I don’t raid everyone of them every week.  In fact it is rare that I raid them all in a week.  So, for me the question seems to have an answer that revolves around 2 things.  #1  Have all the professions covered #2  Be able to raid more than one on any given lockout schedule.
Having #1 for the gold savings and also for the gold making potential, and #2 for the raiding itch I like to scratch.  As a raid lead, I have learned more from 2 sources than any other.  1. Playing a healer/tank/MDPS/RDPS as well as exposure to classes and specs, abilities and cooldowns available.  Seeing raid encounters from all aspects has helped me more than any website or video.  2. Then there is the pugs I get into or run.  Other RLs often do things differently, as well as the capacity to learn more from helpful pugs about mechanics, timeing and such… They have taught me a great volume more too.  Various ways to play, cooldowns and combos to put in place for my own raids and adaptations of multiple strategies for effective boss kills.
I guess in the end, it’s all relative on how you enjoy the game.


  1. Im starting to get rid of most of my glyphs. Reposting more often and not refilling the ones sold out. JC is kinda dead for me so i havent been doing that much. Finally decided to get Jeeves on my main who is engineer so will prob spend a day grinding mats out... Other than that. Not much.

    1. Yeah, it is sorta slow... For me, 0 to 1mil in 10 days is a tough standard to re live back up to. Server economies aside, it is pretty slow.
      Thanks dropping in.