Thursday, May 10, 2012

Are you in Coast mode

I mean, have you changed the way you play the way you post and the number of blogs you actively follow?

I know I have, and in part due to the way everyone else around me is.  Life changes, game changes, and the number of new and exciting thing to read and write about.

What are you doing to fill the time?  Chasing achievements, titles, rep grinds or maybe rolling up a new character to help round out your PVP/Raiding/crafting/gathering stable.

Personally I am impressed with the way some people work towards certain achievements, and probably should myself, but right now, I do not plan on doing too much until we know more about how final implementation of account wide achievements will work.  It is kinda funny that a lot of what I am doing revolves around that event called "Mists Of Pandaria" go live/release. 

On achievements, like the ones that give you points in the game, I completely lost interest in them.  At one time I was a complete monger about getting achieves, I remember we stopped a raid when our timers were up to go to a capitol for more valentines "candies".  I collected a lot of pets, and mounts and was looking for ways to get more, then I was playing other characters more, and then I had 6 level 80s and could not tell you who my main was, it was like, "the one I am playing RIGHT NOW" and that changed a lot.  But I was still going for achieves on that character that I was playing less and less except for achieves.  Finally, I left those toons, and everything I had on that server and re-rolled a new server and new faction.  Since then, I did transfer one toon over with all my BOAs and otherwise stuffed his bags, but that is about it.  Personally, I got to the point of "What's the point."  Well, now w/ account wide achieves... hmmm, I think I like the idea of getting all those mounts and pets on all my toons.  That will be nice.

I set up several goals for my self a while back in a post of what I wanted to accomplish in the closing months of Cata and pre MOP.  The ones I remember are here:

- Level up the farmer, since then, that character has gone from about level 40 to 70
- Level up a tailor/engineer, that toon got past level 50 and was able to take a guild bank tab of netherweave and make it take a lot less space by crafting it to bolts and a few bags.  I was not pre-crafting bags for MOP really, just going for the points in tailoring.  I also boosted that scrubs Engineering from 0-300 but have only gone from level 49-51...
-One of the last goals I had was to also install, learn and use TSM.  On that front, I have been more interested in other things, sorta like the months it took me to start using Zero Auctions. 

ZA was completely worth it, but its another example of why you can make more gold than a lot of other people.  It took me a few minutes daily building list, and weekly maintenance on pricing, and really save a lot of time, but it took a fair bit too.  Learning and using addons is a big task that really does not make you 10,000 gold for 15 minutes of work.  It is not the quick magic mushroom from Alice in Wonderland that will make you BIG fast.  That is what most players want, they want to PVP, or raid or get achieves or all of the above and justify why they don't go make the gold.  They would rather spend their time doing other things.  And right now, I too am in that category.

I went back to that old post to see what my goals where when I wrote it.  That is a great thing about a blog, I can go back and see stuff like that.  My goals have not changed a whole lot.  Priorities have certainly shifted, but overall, IMO it is nothing major.

Chill out and coast while you can, because the way you play will almost certainly change again when MOP releases.

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