Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updated numbers on 4.3 prep, 1million gold in sight???

As I go over, the list to evaluate where I am and where I was, its a good thing to identify where I want to focus the next couple weeks for stock piles.  I have less gold atm, and the only down side to that is that I no longer have a chance of influencing the market as I was and maintaining prices near my thresholds.  Recent significant declines in prices I am seeing have been HSs, GCEs, HDs, Blackened dragonscales continue to trend down.  And even with 2, 6 tab guild banks for storage, I still lack the potential to grow the pile to the levels I wish. One thing I will start doing more is likely increasing the Mailbox shuffle for storage.  Previously, I could clean out the AH to, and sometimes above my threshold and I would "reset" the market for a couple days at most, before I came back and cleaned it out again.. Now.. I have to just look at those cheep mats I would have been buying and know my competition is stocking up... GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

I would like to Increase the MCs stock, and the GCEs stock.  As sales increase durring this raid reset, this will be an area of focus.  Volatile Earth and Volatile fire are both going to also get a greater focus to pile up in prep for 4.3

I do have a MUCH better Pile of precrafted scrolls... The current market value on those is HUGE, with great potential to increase a bit too.  I have full stacks or 20 each of almost all the enchants including ones like power torent and landslide, bracers etc..   Some or the higher volume sellers I have 3 to 4 stacks of 20.  Right now scrolls have been set into various posting volume groups, and I post 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, or 2 each time I cancel post.  If I sell out, at any time it goes to the next higher number to post.  I have only sold out 7 scrolls before another round of posting a couple times.  Due to undercuts, and campers, posting more than I am now, just seems less productive, for now,  but with higher volume I will be watching closely in early 4.3 to increase volume.

 EST: PREVIOUS GROSS WORTH... .8 MIL (liquid gold and mats, precrafted items)
 EST: CURRENT GROSS WORTH 1.2 MIL (liquid gold and mats, precrafed items)
all the numbers are estimates and memory of current market values.  the two biggest fudge estimates are the tankards...est at 500 ea.. (they could be 1500+ and they could be 100G MC, ehh), and also the scrolls.

300K is probably a low estimate for current value, and 150, may be a high estimate, no way to check the previous value, but that will be my next project.. evaluating the current value of precrafted scrolls.  I just picked 300G/scroll to figure value, and that is just a rough guess...

So... At this point, I have learned and now I would estimate that I have increased my gross worth significantly in about the last  2-3 weeks.. rough estimates is about 300K or more... seems like a lot, and I will be looking to better justify that number.  But value increases are not just in sales... all the ore converted to profitable numbers in EBBs and HSs.  Lots of leather converted to pristine hides and leg armors is an increase in value. Chant mats purchased converted to scrolls, increase in value...

All of these values are based on CURRENT MARKET.. and not post 4.3 markets, which will likely show some increase in prices and volume... It will be a busy couple weeks.  I have 2 Valor Point slaves, one is a 372 ilvl priest and the other is a 350 ilvl hunter.  working on gearing the hunter, and the goal will be to valor cap both of these toons weekly for the BOEs, to give to my main, and also valor cap the main for more gear.  All this while whatching markets, and cancel posting and unloading this Monster pile... If any of my predictions are decent, I will hit a million within a month following 4.3 release.  To see that potential... that is nice... And I may completely fail, as I use the piles of gold to buy BOEs to raid.. :-)

The Piles as they stand now... [estimated market value in gold brackets]
(there are a few other mats I am hanging on to atm... like cloth that I have no real current marketability for so are not included in my gross worth... )

  • [11.5K] 11,500 was [109K] 109K -Liquid Gold (ouch that is a small number)
  • [45K] 481 was [43K] 460 -Maelstrom Crystals (hard to keep in stock and build up piles crafting and selling scrolls)
  • [32K] 512 was [10K] 160 -Heaveanly Shards (Got a BS to do the shoulder shuffle... woot)
  • [80K] 1630 was [65K] 1300 -Greater Celestial Essences (still want more, need more gold)
  • [2.8K] same was [2.8K] 4700 -Hypnotic Dust (always cheap, will get more when I get more gold)
  • [37K] 75 was [32K] 65 -Dragonscale Leg Armor
  • [42K] 84 was [16.5] 33  -Drakehide Leg Armor (selling decent so stocking up)
  • [24K] 48 was [18K] 36 -Charscale Leg Armor
  • [3.6K] 45 was [3K] Scorched Leg Armor
  • [4K] 51 was [4K] ilight Leg Armor
  • [55K] 220 was [2.K]10 -Pristine Hides
  • [47K] 4700 was [12K] 1200 -Blackened Dragon Scales (prices fell, and I have more than I want, its a gamble now)
  • [26K] 1200 was [20K] 900 -Heavy Savage leather (in case i want to craft next seasons starter PVP gear)
  • [12.5K] 2500 was [10K] 2000 -Pyrite Ore (for buckles or to prospect)
  • [0.8K] 81 was [.3K] 34 -Pyrium Bar (making buckles now)
  • [0.3K] 98 was [8K]3200 -Obsidium Ore (all got crushed into heavenly shards)
  • [0.3K] 59 was [5.5K] 1100 -Obsidium Bar (all got crushed into heavenly shards, and also buckles)
  • [null] 1 was [10.5K] 2100 -Elementium Ore (all got crushed into heavenly shards, and buckles)
  • [4.1K] 830 was [4K] 800 -Elementium Bar
  • [0.6K] NEW 61 Folded Obsidium (for crafting to make the HSs)
  • [29K] 957 was [15K] 502 -Carnellians (ooo... I like it... make GCEs or Inferno rubies...)
  • [3K] NEW 1250 Heartblossom (to transmute rubies)
  • [65K] 130 was [62K] 124 -Tremendous Tankard O' Terror (still waiting on prices to go up)
  • [est. 300K] over 1,000 was [est. 150K] ~500-Cata Scrolls (lots of chant mats here)
  • [17K] 176 was [17K]178 -Inferno Rubies ( have not been prospecting lately)
  • [3K] same was [3K]160 -Demonseyes
  • [1K] same was [1K] 106 -Ocean Saphire
  • [1K] same was [1K] 140 -Dream Emerald
  • [1K] same was [1K] 102 -Amberjewel
  • [1K] same was [1K] 119 -Ember Topaz
  • [10K] same was [10K] 100 -Shadowspirit Diamond
  • [10K] 3100 was [19K] 6600 -Volatile Earth (using a lot on leg armors, enchants and on belt buckles)
  • [60K] 10,000+ was [48K] 8000 -Volatile Life
  • [67K]4500 was [42K] 2800 -Volatile Air
  • [35K] 3500 was [38K] 3800 -Volatle Fire (need MORE!!!)
  • [66K] 4400 was [40K] 2700- Volatile Water
  • [19K] NEW 172 Ebonsteel Belt Buckles (selling well,  but not at massive profits)
  • [90K] NEW 193 Truegold (see last post for comments on this)

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