Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Enchanter Tip for 4.3

So read on a bit for stupid comentary and the tip.

For now the markets continue in many areas show decline in costs for mats.  This is having far reaching impacts into my current situation.  I dumped a bunch of gold, most of my liquid into some markets to prospect and potentially profit.  time will tell if that works.  The impact is I am regularly running a low (sub 10K gold) balance.  The second thing is waiting out the storm.  Do I change my thresholds to sell?  As material cost go down, I am getting undercut more frequently, and finding a lot of auctions are posting back to the fallback.  I may go try to push some prices down a bit, just to get some higher turn over, and more liquid gold to invest in markets.. I continue to push some stocks up, mainly been hugely successful getting a lot more Maelstroms crystals.  Up to nearly 1,000 in stock...  still running high sales volume, but its all getting reinvested into my bags and banks as much as possible.  No real changes in what I have been doing, Just being more selective in my purchases and not buying everything in sight below my threshold, mostly since I am out of gold, and also I am nearly full on the bags and banks.

So what is this tip for enchanters... HRmmmm.. Can not take credit for it myself, I got it from a guildee, but it was a great tip and good point.  In the early weeks following 4.3 release there is going to be a HUGE demand and after that a continuing large demand for the rogue dreamers... I really mean rogue... There is going to be a LOT of rogue going out and working to get their pair of shiny new legendary daggers... That is going to create a pretty large spike in demand for "Enchant Weapon: Landslide."  Further guess work is up to you as YMMV, many of these players are going to be guilded w/ G banks full of mats and just get em hooked up for free, many will know its comming and will have scrolls in their bag for the moment they get the Daggers.  So there is the tip.. Enchant Weapon: Landslide... Evaluate how well this sells now and be ready for a pretty big spike in volume in the early weeks, it may be a great plan to sell in stacks of 2 also.  Good luck with your 4.3 gold rush enterprises.  I will likely pre-craft upwards of 100 of these things... :-) I may sell out in a week to 10 days, or I could continue to unload for many of the following months.  Eh.. its all for fun, and its all for gold...

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