Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I did nothing else to prepare for the patch, Play like you dont care

The rat race chase for gold, for gear, for avg ilvl, achievements does not hold the pull it once did...
I do still like to play as I recently have just not as much.  I like having enough gold to do anything that gold can help me do.  I still like to keep tabs on markets and continue to make the loot.  But overall, I am spending a lot less time and effort doing it.  I managed a few full stacks a month ago of volatiles, over 100 truegold that i have been stockpiling on my chanter, over 3000 pyrite for when and if it becomes prospectable... overall, Playing the game is just more relaxing, a lot more fun and a lot less like WORK...

I made several runs at "the chase" for various e-peen elements... 
I collected pets on one toon
I collected MOUNTS too
I had 3 raid ready toons
I did the gear chase from raids.
I led raids
I led a guild
I have repeatedly tried and failed at any significant PVP enterprise
I made the gold rush for 1 million and lost serious interest at 500K
I tried to be an achieve glutton... 

In the end, I just have fun, I have enough gold to get what I want when I want it and not go broke, or feel the need to go make more right away, I am OCD about food and flasks in raids... People feel its just not worth it, so I have 9 cauldrons and over 100 fish feast on my raider... problem solved, I dont get upset, and I dont go broke on time or money to provide the food and flasks.

Leveling is still fun, and being able to send the alt 10K and go broke about level 60, then send the nub nub another 20K... Nice...  power leveling professions...

If you ever get the chance to play like you were not worried about gold...  I highly encourage it...


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  1. Great post and I feel thats where I have to get to with recent life changes.

    The game has to become a game again and not a second part-time job that I enjoy but approach too fervently.

    Good luck on the patch and fun.