Friday, June 3, 2011

WOOOOT Half million yesterday.

So... I was looking at my numbers.. Yep.... somewhere durring the daily routine the mailbox gave me enough to break the half Million barrier.  What's the significance... None really, it just feels like a milestone... What will I do different because I have that much... nothing at all.  If I want it at the price its available for... I already buy it... I dont wait, I dont save, I just keep "stealing candy from babies"

Things I have recently done.  started looking at "MySales" number to adjust my posting to make sure i am getting the sales I could.  I was posting 5 at a time on Chest - Mighty Stats.. it was one of my top sellers, and would frequently sell out... So I upped the posting from 5 to 8 each time... have yet to sell out though.  It takes a lot of time to do the management side of these things, review sales history, failed auctions, reset post cap, threshold and fall back.
Also spend a littel more time leveling the "other" toons.
Keep in mind my entire previous gaming was alliance and on another server...  the only toon I moved over was a lowbie with bags loaded down with heirlooms.
So, since, the sundering, I leveled a no assist, no heirlooms raiding toon to play in a guild that was made up of "old friends" that had also transfered.  Then I started this project guild and leveled my second 1-85, though this time I had gold and I had heirlooms. 
Next to level up is one of the druids, and the rogue, prolly another warrior or Pally...  or maybe the warlock.. or... or... or... (am I the only one with that problem)

Things to yet do.  I have a lot of non Cata scrolls that seem to be getting listed more often than not at the fallback, time to review and evalute the numbers on those, rather some one just found my threshold and is undercutting me, or I failed in my intial setting of the numbers in ZA.  My strategys for posting the goods has changed and I do a lot of things a bit differently than I did when I first started using it.  Over all its going well, and business as usual.

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