Friday, June 10, 2011

Falling off the Horse... or other things

Am I falling off the horse?  In the last several days I have logged to the game very little, to raid last night, I go on and things went surprisingly well for needing to pug both tanks.  One ended up interested and joined the guild.  The second could not see anything @ 8 FPS and after 3 wipes left the raid on Halfus... It was a spendid one shot with the new pug tank.  We went on and downed the twins, and got into a bit of council practice...  It was a good night...

But I have not been on in any function to play alts the AH, or anything in the last several days.  My interest is to some degree lost.  Partly it is sommer time and work, the doldrums betweeen patches, and also a bit of boredom of the boredom, how many time have you been bored and you go play WOW to be bored and run circles around Shat/Dal/SW/Org or just go farm etc... Well with over a half million gold... I am NOT going to run out anytime soon...  I could probably afford to raid for the next couple years on that...  unless ofc I go buy vanity mounts/pets/take-your-pick...  But I just dont do that stuff... dont care... I have over 100 truegold for ??? and over 3,000 pyrite and other stupid stuff... pile and piles of some of it... those being the uper value single items that are in "long range" investments...

Things change, and at some point I became an "economics" student, and  "sociology" student, and "psycology" student and many other things in the game.  ATM though, I am not sure if there is more for me to learn.

On a side note: I did have 5 50' pine trees dropped into my driveway and my yard.. 2 more still to go down.  so that was long hours and late evenings the last couple days cleaning that mess up.

See you next time

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