Friday, July 27, 2012

85 to N Madness in 5 days???

So, I leveled the farmer toon to level 85, the herber miner guy and got some HOT gear and couple Valor pieces and crafted items to help on the way... it was I think 5days later that I crushed normal madness... Is it the nerfs? or the content? or the current gearing capacity... of the instances?  It just really seams odd that the shift from BC attunements and raid tiers to and months to actually get to a progression level is now where it is... It took me 5 days I think and it took a guidee and fellow raider 3 days to go from ding 85 to a full normal clear in DS? 

So does this have anything to do with making gold... YES!!! I said purchased gear, I said valor gear and such.. these things are still in high demand... People are clearing DS in one night... instead of 3 nights of progression, there is a lot more time for alts, and then gearing them up and such and the crafted gear, gems and enchants, well that all points to markets you may be able to get into. 

I can only guess however that on smaller realms, this may not be the case at all as its guild raid or no raid.  I can pug 5 toons a week into DS and HM DS runs all week long.  From Tues to Monday... I am good to go,   Some times some toons are going to be harder than other to get a run for, however, others are not a problem at all.  If you have DPS OS on a tank or healer, your in with only short waits in trade chat. Again this can echo of my last post that, consistently doing what you have been doing is likely to continue to realize profits.  Looking for the next best thing is fun and exciting in the AH game, I love doing it, but it was the slow and steady that made the lions share of my gold stocks..

Playing the game in a new way will teach you as much as reading any blog.  Dont PVP? Go PVP and find a new crowd to cater to.  Never twinked a toon? Go twink a toon and find more markets.  Never power leveled a toon with the best gear and chants and gems gold can buy?  Go power level a toon and see just what is potentially in that market? the same could be said for pet collections, mount collections, raiding, casuals, dungeon players that dont raid and many many more examples could be found.  These are the things that taught me the most about markets... Cause when I go pissed about prices for gems and chants and figured out the cost of ORE was X, and the cost of gems was X to the factor of 75% valuation of gems and a profit margin, then to the cut gems and the crafted jewelry and finally enchant mats and more... 1000 gold in in ore, could be processed into 3,000-5,000 gold in finished mats... and that 1800gold scroll of enchant awesomeness was really only about 600 or so in mats and some time to process the goods and make it up... :-0  thats prety good, 1,000 gold profit for one scroll of enchant awesomeness.. its not always tha big of a gold value or even percentage value, but it is the norm...

Good luck and dont jump the ship you are sailing if its making you gold and go on the party cruise, untill you have tested the water and proven that it will be a profitable business model.

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